Saturday, February 10, 2007

we didn't start the fire

hello! first i would like to start with a somewhat late but still funny picture of Ashley and Jorden at the Southside super bowl party. They were very enthusiastic Colts fans for the evening.

okay, so back to the last few days: here's my title picture. while up in Deland for the evening, TLC and i were about to enter Mainstreet grill when we spied a car on fire. ON FIRE, on fire. it must have just caught up suddenly because we didn't hear any explosion. but we got to watch the tires explode and the firemen come and put it out. it was very exciting!

TLC was about to embark on her fun cruise and she wanted to get a pedicure in preparation. Originally i was just going to sit with her for moral support, but darn it if i didn't get suckered into getting one. it was nice and although i'm not really one for painting my toenails... they do look kinda pretty....

So, with all our exciting comings and goings, Tara leigh and I never really took any pictures together (we were too busy with pretty toes and flaming vehicles, I guess). So in the morning when she left we took this one. We are sporting no makeup and our new hats. Sweet!

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TLC said...

I heard that fire was started during a gasoline fight between male models.