Sunday, April 13, 2008

tout doucement

This is a really great French song (that I heard sung by Feist) about taking time and life and going slow... the translation is something like this:
All slow, all slow, all slowly
Always, all slow, all slowly
This way
Life is amazing.

Maybe I am digging this these days because things have been so busy!!!!

Anyways, during my spring break (like a month ago now!!!) I went to FSU for the first time in nearly 4 years (since I graduated!) for a visit. It was so great to be back and see all the changes and construction. It was just the most beautiful Tallahassee day, and that made me remember why I loved living there (weather-wise). It was like 65 and not a cloud in the sky- everything was in bloom!

Here's Ruby Diamond Auditorium in the Wescott Building. Sadly, the fountain was turned off for repairs.

Then, after returning to Jacksonville, my college friend, Michelle, came and visited us! It was a ton of fun and I am glad to say the weather in Jax wasn't too shabby either! These pictures were taken on one of our long walks through the historic district.
This picture makes me laugh because of the pigeons. I think Pigeons should be the symbol of perseverance, because they will ALWAYS find a way. :-)

Memorial Park on the St. John's River. Note the Spanish-y railing, so pretty!

I thought the bends in this tree's limbs were quite interesting-looking.

This little boy was enjoying a day in the park (and some corn) and I took this picture holding the camera down by my side (to be incognito) but apparently I didn't fool him!

In Jacksonville, Spring has finally Sprung as well. Everything's blooming!

And of course, what blog would be complete without a funny picture of our dog, Bella. The part I love about this is that she is sitting on the ARMREST of the couch. She was just sitting there... keeping an eye on things I guess!

It was way fun to have Michelle with us and hopefully we will be able to visit her sometime in Austin!

So that was my Spring Break... but of course, since then things have been speeding along, so more is coming, coming!