Friday, June 6, 2008

schooooool's out

(for the summer!!!)

...and because it's been sooo long since I posted, I'm going to catch you up to date and describe my last two months with pictures!

First, sweet flowers from my students after our very successful production of Alice in Wonderland, Jr. YAY!

Cool little starfish we found (a little more than an inch) on one of several recent beach trips!

The incredibly rainy but still fun (f0r the sixth graders) 5th vs. 6th grade kickball game.
I think the score ended up being like 21 to zero or something... :-/

If this were China, I think 2008 should be regarded as the "year of the check". The only economy I stimulated was VISA's.

Stephen was sweet enough to accompany meet out one evening to the beautiful Florida Theatre to watch a dance recital that some of my students were in. It was fun!

Who says Florida doesn't have any culture??? ;-)

Our failed Memorial Day weekend camping trip ended up here:

One afternoon, I awoke from a nap on the couch to find this:
Bella had crawled on top of the couch cushions and her face was RIGHT next to mine. Haha!

Next up, Birthday fun!
First off, I went to the movies by myself on my birthday (Steve was working) and it was fun!!! I went to a 1:00 PM show and the theatre had just opened and NO ONE was there. See?

I have been enjoying my awesome b-day presents, such as this Mandolin from Steve-O. Thanks, babe!

And I hope to have a very crafty summer using this great gift from my parents! (I really wanted one!!!)

And my nice sister sent me all kinds of things in the mail, of which this is a sample: (Besides the CD I got chocolate covered popcorn, grahams, oreos, nutter butter cookies, and pecan clusters. Yum!!!)

Stephen also surprised me with some beautiful roses!!! How sweet...

Bella chasing her cousin, Buddy (Dani's dog) at the dog park in DeLand. They had such fun!

It has been VERY hot and humid here lately, but we have had a few gorgeous evenings. This is a picture from the deck at our Head of School's condo (where we had a "TGISummer" party). I have really come to love living so close to the river.

And here's a nice picture of us before we went out to eat for my birthday. We went to Mossfire Grill and used a gift certificate my Aunt gave me as a present. Thanks Aunt Laurie, it was yummy!

Okay, well hopefully now that school's over, I will be better about posting. Especially since we have some adventures planned for the near future! Woo hoo!!!! I love summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!