Tuesday, September 30, 2008

happy talk

Given the state of things lately (bad economy, bitter politicians, broke government, bailout on wallstreet, and brazen dictators...) I have decided to post a blog of only happy things.

So, if you can't blog anything nice....

First of all (of course) is my cute dog at the dog park! Tell me this isn't such a happy picture!

Last Friday night, Stephen and I (plus Joel) were able to score free tickets to the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra. There, we were fortunate to hear Sarah Chang play Sibelius' Symphony in D. And OH MAN!!! She is about 50 times more talented than she is pretty, so as you can see, she is a total freak of nature! It was such a beautiful performance, I would have even paid to go! (But still, hooray for free!)

These are two of the turtles on campus at school. Their names are Ursula and Squirt and I strolled past their window one day to find them sunning happily under their UV lamp. They are about the size of your hand, and c'mon aren't their faces so funny?!?!

Happy evenings at home with Stephen and Bella. Enough said!

Pretty Orchids set out for a parent meeting at school. Click on the picture to see it bigger- the detail on the petals is just stunning!

Last week (all of the sudden, out of the blue, completely unexpectedly!!!) the weather got cool for a few days. It was even in the 50's in the morning for a few days. It got me all excited for Fall. Everything was so pretty and crisp and the colors of earth and sky just seem so much more vibrant when the sweat isn't pouring into your eyes. Bring on the Global Cooling!!!

This past Saturday, Stephen and I got MORE FREE TICKETS (courtesy of Steve's work) to the FSU vs. Colorado football game. We even got to sit in the luxury box! And on top of everything, miracle of miracles: we won!!!

And lastly, this weekend I will be in a concert in Orlando with a new (and outstanding) group of singers! I even have solos!!! Wish me luck and come by if you're anywhere near!

With all that happiness, I almost forgot about all that crisis.
It's almost like I've heard that somewhere before... :-)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My country tis of thee

My country 'tis of thee- sweet land of liberty- of thee I sing.

You know, I never noticed how grammatically strange the lyrics to that song are. Anyways, it's old.

I went to a John McCain rally in Jacksonville last Monday and here are a few pictures from it. The one of me is pretty unflattering, but it's the only one I have that proves I was there. Follow the link at the bottom of the post for more. Adios!

Here's the link for more photos and witty comments: