Tuesday, March 18, 2008

what the world needs now

Annnnnd, finally here are the pictures from our awesome weekend of having the African Children's Choir back in Jacksonville. The Jacksonville Childrens Chorus (who I work for) was able to do a joint concert with the ACC (who I used to work for). It was sooo much fun and the concert was a smash hit! Also, 5 of the children from this group are returners from a previous tour that I worked on! So I got to reunite with those kids who I had spent so much time with in 2004/2005. It was a blast! We had the three boys from choir #26 (my choir) stay with us at the house and they had so much fun with Bella and Stephen. So, now Stephen and I are just trying to figure out how to raise the money to take a trip to Uganda before these kids turn 20! Wish us luck! :-)

We took the boys to the park and we had such a fun time!

Then we went for a walk downtown by the river. Ah, Jacksonville! From left:
Elijah Bwojji, Emmanuel Opolot, and Mark Tumukunde

And the other two children from our tour: Rita Kansiime and Suzan Nakandi!

Yay for sweet fun children!

and so it goes...

So here's the follow up to our church-project gas buy down. It was really fun and successful in that we were able to impact about 200 different families in just over 2 hours! Yay!

Here's the link:

And if you watch the video carefully, you can see me! Here's a few fun pictures of our own!

There's me in the long grey shorts.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

it's a highway to heaven!

Sorry, I know that is WAAAAY cheesy, but I couldn't help it. Check out
This Video
for something cool that our church is doing!

Yea! More photos from this past weekend to come!