Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Long and Winding Road

So, this blog is loooooooooooooong. I have been terrible about posting, so pace yourself, take it easy and I'll try not to drag on forever. But just know, it's long. I warned you.

Near the end of June Stephen and I took a vacation to North Carolina for my family's annual reunion. It's at Lake Junaluska in the very Western part and we had great weather.

Another pretty one.

The chapel at the Lake.

We went hiking with the family. Stephen and I climbed around on these waterfalls and lived to tell the tale. So that was fun!

Then we tromped around in the stream for a while. It was such a nice day for streams. And rocks.

Stairway to heaven.

Stephen and I went camping in a small town over the mountain, accessible via the most curvy road ever. We passed through this tiny, TINY town. The town of Luck.

Our campsite with the pretty view.

We tried to go for another stream adventure, but this steam was lukewarm from the nearby hot springs and full of algae and stream plants so it was a short-lived adventure.

After a tasty campfire dinner, we had smores and enjoyed the sunset.

Then we came back and went hiking again with the family. This is a real, live, beehive. It made me think of Winnie the Pooh.

The park area was called Big Creek and it was so cool and shady under the big, green trees.

We hiked up the mountain for a while. Shelly worked it.

We stopped for a picture with this large tree. And to catch our breath, whew! We got quite the workout!

But thankfully, a beautiful, clear, cold, spring-fed, mountain stream awaited us after our hike.

It was the coolest swimming spot! So many big rocks to climb and little pools to swim in. Ahhh....

Yea! for cousins. And hiking. AND STREAMS!

The next day, we played putt-putt golf. Steve beat me by ONE STROKE! ARGH!

Then later we decided to try our best at real golf at the driving range. It was fun. Steve, Shelly, Dad and I hit about a million balls between all of us.

On the way back to Florida, we stopped in for a visit at my Aunt and Uncle's house in Ellijay, Georgia. This is one of Aunt Martha's many gardening triumphs.

What's Georgia without.......
(Okay, so these are Nectarines, I think... but they sure look like Peaches)

Back in Jacksonville, we visited John and Katie's new house. Jack got scared of the thunderstorm and needed a buddy, which worked out well because I needed a nap! :-)

Out for a nice dinner on Stevie's birthday! Yea!!!

We got to go to an event held at the Stadium where there was a catered dinner in the Jacksonville Jaguars' locker room! This sign was outside. Just in case you need a refresher...

Look! There's David Garrard's soap! Awesome!

Paul, Stephen, me and Evan. Go Jaguars!

Watch out- there's a Jaguar behind that bush!

Then we went to the moon. Not really, but that would be cool.

Right at the end of July, we ended up going to NYC on a very-last-minute work trip for Stephen. We flew on the smallest plane ever. There AND back. But we survived.

This was the first time I'd ever had a rental car in the city. We drove through lower Manhattan on our way to New Jersey and didn't even hit any pedestrians!!! Way to go, Stephen!

While we were up there, we got to visit a lot of friends. Tara Leigh, Brendan, Jonathan, Robbie, and Sarah. While we were sitting on a park bench chatting the evening away with TLC, the old brick square looked pretty. Like this:

A bit rainy, but still pretty.

On my last night there, Stephen and I saw Legally Blonde: the Musical. So, we had to go to Times Square. But thankfully only that once.

The show was sooo much fun and afterwards we ended up seeing the cast signing autographs. Here's Autumn (the runner-up from the MTV show to cast Elle Woods, and my favorite). She's soooo tiny.

And here's Bailey, the new Elle Woods. She did well. Also, very small.

It was hot outside, but we had a fun night on the town!

Then I came back early and stayed at my parents' house in Deland. Dad's yard work was looking mighty fine.

Hydrangea's have pretty leaves, too!

Bella had a fun time visiting them also. She loooooves windows.

Whew! Sorry that was sooo long, hopefully you made it through eventually!!! Til next time! Over and out...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy, happy birthday baby!

Congrats to Melodie (my cousin) and Kevin (her husband) Logue!!!