Friday, February 2, 2007

There's no place like home

Okay, friends. Sorry for the delay, things have been a little hectic and all the stress and exhaustion of travelling finally caught up with me! It shocks me to admit it, but I think I have finally learned the joys of not being a hobo. I will probably always love to travel, but now I see just how much I miss things when I am away... like my bed... and my room... and my big closet... Anyways, here are some more fun pictures from Greece. They are not necessarily in the right order or representative of all that we did (we did a LOT!) but they are ones that I like and hope you will too. Opa!

Greek dancers (no kidding!) from the Taverna we ate at in Athens. They were so fun. Sadly, they did not break plates ("its too expensive") and I think Devon was the only person saying "Opa!"

After leaving Athens and Corinth we did a lot of driving to see Thessaloniki, Philippi, etc. I really don't remember where along the way this was, but it is fairly representative of the overall beauty of Greece. P.S- the trees in the foreground are olive trees!

This was taken from my bus window in Thessaloniki when we rolled into town. It was a rainy afternoon and this little Greek man was just so iconic walking along the sea with his hat and overcoat and cane...

This is a beautiful new chapel that was built next to the site where Lydia, the first Christian convert in Europe was baptized. Okay, so I amped up the color a bit with my best friend photoshop, but I just wanted to give you small taste of what a beautiful day it was.

See if you can click on this picture and see it bigger- it is definitely worth it. This was also taken from the bus as we drove along miles and miles of the most beautiful coastline I have ever seen. I think there should be a special color of blue called "Aegean" just to try to do it justice.

Our last night in Greece (spent back in Athens) we went shopping at the Plaka market and then spent a beautiful evening at a taverna next to the Acropolis. As we walked back to catch the metro through the mostly deserted cobblestone streets it all seemed so romantic... well romantic without the man... so just ro-tic, really. But anyways, i think this shot is very "cafe terrace at night".

I actually took this picture on the way to the taverna when no one could remember how to get there. We were wandering around and turned a corner and voila! right in our faces was more ruins, more history, more past. Its funny how it is all jumbled together. I have no idea where this was, but it was beautiful and fitting for the modern Ancient city. It really puts it in perspective how young America is as a country. Anyways, if you want to see the complete pictures, hopefully I will have them on photobucket eventually. As for now, Kalinikta! (Goodnight!)


more-rice said...

nice pics, loo-loo! I put some up today, too. love it.
miss your company~

jamie said...

I love when you taught me the term "ro-tic" and I have used it since then, giving full credit to "Lindsay, one of the chaperones from tour". I hope there are not too many more ro-tic experiences for either of us...I like the other one much better! The pics are absolutley beautiful!