Thursday, February 8, 2007

all the small things

well, in comparison to my globe-trotting adventures of late, this past week has been small. however, it has been nice and not without its lovely moments. so which do i like better? amazing but drama-filled or somewhat uneventful with occasional lovely moments? hmmm.... hard to decide. maybe its best to save that for another blog.
here are a few last minute pictures- most of these i ganked from other people (who should at least get a shout-out: Maresi! TLC! Enuma!)
BUT, stayed tuned for upcoming better-late-than-never pictures of my trip 3+ weeks ago (pre-Greece) to the Annual Brooksville Raid Civil War Battle Re-enactment! (P.S. did you know that most Southern historians don't really like the term "civil war" being used because they say it was a war between 2 countries since the South had seceded? i didn't know... and i think that's a pretty good point, but if we don't call it that, what then? and DON'T say "the war of northern agression" haha!

This sign says it all. just. too. perfect. (let's just say kavala was much nicer...)

pretty picture of the Temple of Apollo at Corinth and the great, but still unidentified tree.

cutest. thing. ever. and total. period. over-use. (but this is Zach, one of the cute Whitler boys in our group. AND this picture was taken in the shop of our new friend, Stratos. (It's in Plaka market and called "byzantium" for anyone going to Athens...)

What a nerd! But on the up side, Tara Leigh/ is here/ to visit me! We shall see/ how merry/ we can be! (Sorry, once I start rhyming...sheesh!) But this was taken in downtown Lakeland. TLC liked this butterfly (there are many) because it had real shoes on! And she likes me even though I usually don't have shoes on! : )

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Love the butterfly picture!!