Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It might as well be Spring

Man, I can't believe I missed February all together! Whew! It was a short month, but long on music and things going on. First up, the Opera. Like last year, I was in the chorus for the Jacksonville Symphony's big Opera production... this year it was Turandot. It was a lot of fun and the leads were very talented and fun to work with.

The Opera tells the story of a brutal Chinese Princess (Turandot) who takes her issues and anger over past wrongs against her family out on every guy she comes across (via Beheading). I was a handmaiden. Fun times!

Um, what do you mean I'm not Asian?

Then, the day after the Opera, Stephen and I went down to Gainesville to see the African Children's Choir Musical, Journey of Hope. I had heard a lot about it, but not seen it yet, so it was a nice treat to go and reminisce about my time with the choir. Ah, memories.
For more information, or to see when a choir might be in your area, go to:

Also, I got to visit with my Irish/Scottish friend and former co-worker, Kyle. (In case you are wondering about that- his family is Irish, but now lives in Scotland.) Kyle came on tour while I was there and is STILL working for the organization as a sound... um, guy? technician? engineer? Well, yeah he runs the sound. Anyways, it was super good to catch up and hear how he's been doing the last few years.

The following weekend was Valentine's Day. I had a concert in Orlando with the Festival Singers of Florida, so that pretty much took up all the time for V-day niceness with Stevie. Here's a link to a video of our concert- it was a lot of work, but a lot of fun!


However, I have to say that Valentine's wasn't completely about singing with no niceness. Stephen gave me this very nice present in the morning before I went to rehearse. Isn't he sweet?

Speaking of presents, I received this from a very nice 4th grade boy. It was his birthday and he was giving out cookies at school. ARMADILLO cookies. Awesome. I never did eat it because it was just too cute.

It looks like Steve is a member of El mariachi de Richard Simmons. Ha!

Bella's doing well- perfecting her Sphinx pose.

And right before February ended, I got to sing Jazz for a gig at the Cummer Art Museum in Jacksonville with some friends. We've been slowly getting things rolling as a band, and hopefully will get booked for some more things soon- I need the money! Yes, we got paid- woo hoo professionale!

Okay, well that's about it for February. Hopefully I can post again in March with actual MARCH stuff. Spring Break is coming- so hooray for that!

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Jill said...

wow, you've been quite a busy girl lately! but it looks like you've been having lots of fun. love the ring - it's beautiful! hope to come to jax and see you guys soon!