Tuesday, March 24, 2009

eight days a week

Wow! Last week was a blur! But, it was great because that mad dash of concerts and music stuff led me straight into SPRING BREAK! Wahoo! Stephen is taking off the rest of the week (starting tomorrow) and we're going on a beach campout trip. We are staying at campsites on or near the beach in FL, GA and SC. Hopefully we'll make a few day trips into Savannah and Charleston as well. I'm sure there will be lots of photos to come! But first...

Last Thursday was my Spring Musical Program with 4th, 5th and 6th grades at school. They performed a show that I wrote and arranged about the birth of Rock and Roll music in the 1950's. They did a really great job singing, as well as playing guitar, recorder, and Orff instruments (like xylophones), dancing, and speaking in between the songs about American and Music history at that time. My co-teacher and I dressed up for the day- it was a lot of fun!

Here is a picture of the performance. It's a bit grainy, but the lighting in our hall is kinda dim, so it's the best you get. You can see me sitting in the chair conducting, and some of the sixth graders are doing the Jitterbug out in front. I wish I had a video clip or something because this picture doesn't do it justice! The songs included in our show were Rock Around the Clock, Hound Dog, Blue Suede Shoes, At the Hop, Yakity Yak, Rockin' Robin, and Willie and the Hand Jive!

Also this week, Steve got a hair cut. It looks like he was kidnapped by a army recruiter. Ha!

And lastly, Saturday night we had our first Jacksonville Children's Chorus concert of the Spring season. It was a bluegrass-themed concert with special guest, Grammy-award winning musician, David Holt. The evening was a blast, and many of our kids got to experience just how fun folk music can be. (Seriously, go here to check out an AMAZING clip of something he also performed at our concert). Anyways, I WISH I had some photos of our concert, my training choir kids did a GREAT job... maybe some will turn up after the commotion of this week dies down.

Anyways, 'til next time! Off to the BEACH!


Jill said...

have fun camping! hopefully the weather will be/has been ok - it has been pouring here for the past few days.

it does look like steve got the military "high and tight". i see that haircut quite a bit around here :)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

cool! you've been doing some fun stuff!!! I just caught up on your last 3 posts! How fun!!!

Orfffan2 said...

Hi Lindsay!
I'd love to see a copy of your show!
Would you be willing to share? From
the picture it looked like a lot of fun.

Happy Easter to you and your family!
- Virginia