Friday, October 31, 2008

Monster Mash

Yeah, so I am not a very big Halloween person, but today was a teacher work day at school and Susanne (my co-teacher) and I was a little loopy after some heavy-duty lesson planning.... so, we raided our costume closet- to dress up Bella (who is here today hanging out while we work.) This is our first Halloween with a dog, and I didn't think I'd be into doggie costumes, but it was VERY funny and Bell was a good sport. However, she is back to her regular costume: disguised as Black Beauty. :-)

Little Red Riding Hood

Blurry Close-up, but the expression was too priceless!

She was not really a fan of the princess hat. I guess she takes after me!

Butterfly Bella!

Ooh la la! She makes a tre' good french maid, no?

Tarzan! (Imagine her doing the Tarzan yell!)

Court Jester

Lady Bug

Lamenting her hard life as a Cabaret Singer. Or maybe she is ready to be a red-hat lady!Hahaha!

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Jill said...

yay for dogs at work! i wish i could bring frank to work with me. work would be so much more fun!