Sunday, October 19, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods

So, things have been BUSY lately. But, I must say, well worth the effort. So a little over a week ago I began my epic journey out West and (UP NORTH) to visit some friends from African Children's Choir and go to a wedding. It was a ton of fun! We hadn't seen each other in at least 2 years, if not more for some of us... so it was great to catch up. Although few people understand this: once an Auntie, always an Auntie.

Enjoy the slideshow! Click on the link to go to Picasa where my web album is shared for any who want to snag these pictures (Jackson!!!) :-)

PS- in an unrelated note, congrats to my sister-in-law who just had her fourth child- a little boy named Jackson!

I'm sure with all of the events on the horizon, more will be coming (soon, I hope!)



Newberry said...

what?! you were in MT and you didn't tell me!?? Where were you?

Lindsay said...

Hehehe. I thought about you, actually! But I was only in MT for a combined total of about 24 hours. As soon as I got there, we raced up to Grande Prairie, AB (by way of Calgary) and then raced back because I only could afford to be away about 6 days. I wished we had more time. I flew into Great Falls and stayed with my friend Heather who lives on a Mountain an hour+ out from Augusta (tiny town). But it was nice. And when we got back from CA it had SNOWED! Hooray!