Friday, May 4, 2007

true colors

Okay, so these pictures aren't necessarily representative of everything we did, and they definitely aren't the last you'll see. But, these are the photos that I was especially proud of from a photographic standpoint... or at least I thought they were interesting... or I just liked to look at them- hey, there's a monkey! Now, I don't claim to be a photography genius- heck, I didn't even get to take the class in college like my sister did!- but I do like to take pictures. And occasionally I find few I really like. I think these are not only good photos, but also capture Uganda and our experiences in a true light. Enjoy!

TLC likes it when I put the captions on top, so here I go:

Cool dead tree. Pretty blue sky.

Our second night in town we lost power. Normally this is not so bad, except that we had lost water earlier that day. So this lovely picture is in tribute to my new best friend: the gas lantern. We used them (and a few candles) to provide light as we took bucket baths and washed each other's hair in said bucket. Good times.

Pretty sunrise. I took this picture out of our bedroom window. I think these colors lasted maybe 5 minutes. When I looked back again, it was like it had never been there at all. So, I was really glad to have capture it on film... er, microchip.

This is a jackfruit tree. Yes, it really grows like that. No, I don't think it knows how ridiculous it looks. It is too busy being chased by Ugandans everywhere who are seriously devoted to eating its supersweet fruit. PS- the jackfruit in this picture was at least as long as my forearm.

When we arrived in Jinja to visit Auntie Holly, we noticed immediately how quiet it was compared to Kampala and her suburbs. We did a lot of walking... mainly cause there was no one else around to transport us.

Except when we found boda-bodas (motorcycle or bicycle taxis). It was difficult to find enough boda-bodas for 5 of us though! Here Jamie is demonstrating how to ride- see how happy she looks! Can you imagine this was only her first time! By the look on her face, you can be sure it was not her last. : )

I think the best way to enjoy the wonderful day is on the back of a boda. Please keep in mind I took these pictures while riding on the back of one myself. I love riding on them because it is the only time you have air conditioning when you are in Uganda! Ugandan ladies (who almost always wear skirts) ride side-saddle (see Holly below for perfect Muganda imitation). Actually, Holly is probably now more Muganda than she is Muzungu (white person).

This is us (well, not me but everyone else) at Bujagali Falls. I know, I know... you want to see the falls. But I took this picture with my new incognito method (I turned off the sound and flash and I just hold it nonchalantly and take pictures while no one is paying attention!) and it came out cool! And yes, Jamie is from Canada.

Here are my toes and the blazing sun in the Nile.

Beautiful hibiscus. I so like flowers.

Okay, so this picture is nothing special to look at EXCEPT that it proves we saw a monkey. Do you see him???

Noah at the Amani baby cottage in Jinja (where Holly now works).

Viani is just the latest in a long line of victims of my new incognito picture-taking method!

Yes, but we all have red feet.

Okay, so her aim is not the best... but that's really not a bad throw for a little girl who has probably never thrown a Frisbee before. We enjoyed our playtime with the newest African Children's Choir- #30!!! They just began training the day before we came home.

I think this little girl's name is Enid. She was super cute and affectionate. I tell you what, the are few things better than a cute kid holding your hand.

The END! I hope you enjoyed my somewhat random and somewhat not photojournal. I will post more pictures later... but I hope this will hold you who have been waiting over until I get some more time. Now, I am off to Deland to hang with family and celebrate Stephen's graduation! Woo hoo!!!


Christian said...

That's so great! It looks like you had a fun and memorable time!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

I definitely enjoyed the pics! Very fun and cool!! My fave "artsy" pic was the one with the gas langerns :) cool :)
That jackfruit is strange stuff hunh? They love the unripe jackfruit here... they cook it as a vegetable... strange :) Seems like your trip was awesome!! I love all the pics! Way cool :)

jamie said...

Awesome Linds! I hope you had a good weekend with your fam and Stephan!