Sunday, April 22, 2007

long ago and far away

okay, so not long ago... (the pictures are only from yesterday...) but i am definitly far away...
anyways, here are some fun pictures!

reunion at the airport!

nice lunch at nando's... i finally had my beloved samosas!

Looking out of the school windows... super cute kids!

Mark was very sick with Malaria in Febraury... but Praise God now he is better!

Kids from choir #24 ready for the big football match!

This is Amos Emenu, from choir #24, we are so proud of him! He went straight to the senior boy's team!

Derick and some other boys watching the game African style... : )

Solange and Gratienne cheering on the sidelines!

Ugandans have very strong necks. Seriously!!!

Okay, hopefully I will be able to post some more pictures in a few days!


TLC said...

I'm glad you made it safely and that you are getting to visit with old friends! :) I'll also be glad when you get to visit with old friends in the northerly region. Whee!

P.S. That picture of Mark is awesome. For serious.

SouthAsiaRocks said...

awesome!! Looks like you're having a blast! I'm lovin' looking at your pics! Awesome!
Are those samosas the same as Indian samosas?

mo*reezy said...

fantastic pics, lindsay! can't wait to hear more about your trip.