Thursday, April 19, 2007

leaving on a jet plane...

actually, I'll be leaving on several jet planes in just a few hours: Orlando to Detroit to Amersterdam to Entebbe, Uganda! Woo Hoo! i'll be gone for 10 days to visit these people:

I'll be traveling (once I reach Amsterdam) with three former Aunties (such as myself)- Jamie (center) and Kelly (right) and we will get to visit with Florence (back) while we are in Uganda! Also, another Auntie (who I don't have a picture of), Melissa, will be making the trip as well! How very exciting! I must say, I am super excited to be an auntie again! Prepare your self for a very large number of awesome pictures!!! Woo hoo! I heart UGANDA!

Oh yeah, and hopefully there will be none of this once we get there! Hahaha, no.... this only happens ON TOUR. good times. : )

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SouthAsiaRocks said...

YEA!!!!! That rocks!! That's awesome!!! I can't wait to see all the pics :) whoo hoo!! Have fun!!!