Tuesday, May 8, 2007

i'm not dead

So, the title for this post definitely refers to my little friend here. I saw this gator for the first time Sunday as he was floating near the shore of our lake as I walked to the pool. Then, this morning I noticed on my way to work that he had climbed on the old fountain base that the birds usually hang out on- and to my surprise he was still there when I came home! Good thing reptiles don't get sunburned! Special thanks goes to TLC for making me go and take a picture of him... he's about 4 feet long and I was actually kinda worried he might have died or something because he had been there all day, but about 90 minutes after I took this photo, I passed by again and he was gone. Since I took all the time to post this, I'm including some other fun pictures as well!

My sweet Stephen brought me flowers when he came to collect me at the airport upon my return from Uganda. They are the first flowers he has given me, and they are STILL alive more than one week later. Yay. : )

This past weekend, Stephen and I had dinner with my life-long friend Sam, and her husband Chris and daughter Emily. Good times. Seriously, this chick is the cutest. kid. ever. (Emily, not me! hehehe.)

And if I do say so... Seriously, this fella is the cutest. man. ever. (I think it's really funny that Emily, even at the tender age of two, is distracted by a good sale.) Hahahaha.

Okay, well I hope you are all well! And just in case you are wondering, Mr. Gator would like to let everyone know: "I'm not dead." (and I must add, he only says that to lure you over so he can bite your pinkie off later... so watch out!)


TLC said...

1. I am sorry to inform you that I think the gator really was dead, but that someone else just happened to seize the corpse before you did. Sadly, it will be mounted above your neighbor's bed by next week. You missed your chance. ]

2. Flowers?!?! So sweet. I like this guy.

3. That kid definitely passes. Yes. :)

4. Especially since she likes to shop.

5. I went to the ballet tonight to watch Robbie dazzle the audience as Romeo. It was the best thing I've ever seen, and I couldn't stop wishing you were there.

mo*reezy said...

ummm, I'll give you that she's the cutest girl kid ever. I'm biased. Nothing says "I live in Florida" more than seeing random gators just hangin out. And those flowers are lovely.