Monday, January 1, 2007

what are you doing new years eve?

Well, I'm glad you asked! My roommate Casie and I went to a couple parties in lovely Lakeland. The first one was a cocktail party at Jack and Rachel Plating's totally cool house. I'm all dressed up and ready, so let's go!

Karis and Rachel (the hostess) looking glamarous.

Steven, Heather and Me swanking it up. We are so snazzy!

Jack (the host) sported his new year's hat. And from the look of this photo, you'd better not hate on it.

Movin on out to the backyard to check out the sweet projection system the was set up on the side of the house next door. We watched part of the New Year's Rockin' Eve and that's KT Tunstall singing, you guessed it, the "whoo-hoo" song.

We were lucky to catch a few early fireworks through the trees from the backyard! How pretty!

Then we moved it on over to 2442 to toast in the new year with Holland (King of the bad champagne) -okay, so only one of the bottles was gross. Unfortunately, in this picture Holland is not yet aware he is holding a sample from the bad bottle. Oh yes, and kudos to Allie for the jerry curl he's sporting.
2007 plus 2 minutes: the mighty six (five of them anyway) posed it up before retiring for the evening (ha, yeah sure...)

Robbie, (King) Holland, Allie, and Andrew- so far enjoying themselves in 2007 (well, maybe Holland's enjoying it a little too much)

So, it was a great night out for the Joyiner Roomies. (Yes, for anyone who hasn't heard, my roomate's last name is Joyner!) We had a fun, friend-filled, and festive 2007 Eve!

Happy 2007!!!


Heather Irene said...

Yeah! Happy pictures!!! Such a fun night!

jamie said...

lindsay the hottie! Looks like it was a really great time!
I'm calling you in one hour when I'm off work.
(thanks for the spell check)