Thursday, January 11, 2007

it's not unusual...

( be loved by anyone... do do-do-do-do doooo) everytime i think of that song i picture carlton dancing on fresh prince. well, anyway- these pictures are a little mismatched, but for my life that's not so unusual! Enjoy!

yeah, so over the holidays (i think this day was Dec 30th) Lindsey (Muscroft) Vandalee (yeah, i don't know if i spelled that right... sorry guys!) and her new hubby Don came down to La Florida for some fun and sun. This coincided with my wicked sinus infection/bizarre sickness, but fortunately I made it over to see them for a little bit. This picture was taken shortly after Lindsey beat me in pool (but it was sooooo close, i tell you!) Please don't mention the fact that she lives in michigan and still makes me look so pasty. anyways, good times.

this is my much beloved turtle, JP. His official name is John Paul Michaelangelo Dellagato. But actually i think he is a she. oh well. he/she's cool with it.

JP is a red-eared slider (of the chinatown sliders) who i adopted from my friends will and christian. He's probably twice as big as when i got him almost a year ago (about 3 inches long) and i've read they can live for more than 50 years and grow to be as big as a dinner plate! whoa!

and this.... THIS is Lucy. Lucy is my roommate Casie's dog of whom I am sometimes guardian. She is a boxer and is super funny. She likes to crawl around under my bed even though its only 6 or so inches off the floor! I still don't know how she fits under there but its always pretty funny to see her head poking out. Okay, well more pictures to come, I'm sure!

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jamie said...

Yeah for your little turtle!
I think he/she is great and of course I love the name...although secretly I think JP stands for Jamie Primeau! Coincidence? I think not little turtle!