Tuesday, January 23, 2007

sleep on it...

yeah, so here i am in Greece and i think my jetlag is definitely getting the better of me. It is 3AM here and i am fo sho' not sleepy at all. darn. So, rather than just lay there in bed, i decided to be constructive and post a few pics i have taken so far. tomorrow will be a big day for sightseeing, so you can look forward to the requisite number of pictures of old things. but for now... some fun... and maybe some sleep.

there are all these small brown birds that seem to live in the international terminal at JFK. they fly all around and eat crumbs and are actually quite entertaining. the strange thing is that noone makes any sign that they see them or are aware of them. everyone just ignores them like they aren't there. except me. i take pictures of them.

when we arrived in athens and boarded our tour bus it defintely reminded me of another tour bus in my past... : ) however, our bus is very big and new and tall. i get to sit in the front and looking out the front is very fun because you are so high up. the drive into town was mostly non-picturesque but i liked the look of this truck.

and this contruction company sign is really cool looking!

ah, the international language: starbucks. we did not go in. we just took pictures like goofs. however, i might go back tomorrow to see what things they sell- just out of curiosity...

this is my lovely bedroom. i was very pleased to get in it and take a shower. too bad i always forget that overseas the hotels don't give you washcloths... that's my only complaint. oh yes, that and completely pointless movies on TV (they are the only things in english).

and this is the nice view out on my balcony. i went out there to investigate when i woke up at midnight and was bored. oh! i just found some more channels on and CNN and BBC world are covering the state of the union address, sooooo at least i can watch that and keep up.
: ) kalinikta! (that means goodnight, but who knows how to spell it!)


jamie said...

wow, I can't believe you're actually in Greece! you're a travelling fool! Have a really good time..you make me look forward to jet leg. I can't wait to see more of your pics!

Kai said...

I like the last shot you took out of the hotel with the street drenched in Yellow light.
Enjoy your adventure!!
Peace, Kai.

Christian said...

That's so cool...I miss jetlag. It'll be a while before I can afford it again. Have fun, I can't wait to hear all about your trip!