Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm no good

Seriously, talk about lazy blogger syndrome!!! Anyways, here's the recap since Spring Break:

-Chaperoned the 5th grade trip to Washington D.C
-Lost my job due to budget cuts
-Had my 28th birthday on the last day of school (May 29th)
-Enjoyed 6th graduation at St. Mark's with my co-teacher Susanne
-Went to the last game of the NBA Finals with Steve.
-Watched Kobe get the trophy (boo!)
-Cheered my sister at the Iron Girl Triathalon (June)
-Went to NC for vacation- Yay!
-Keller family birthday party in July!
-Went to Disney for Steve's birthday (July 13th)
-Made Treacle Tart for our friend Mike's birthday and Harry Potter premiere party
-Hosted the 31st African Children's Choir at our church!

Whew! Summer is fun! If only I didn't have to actually find a job! Hahaha!

This was Shelly's face before the race, funnily enough it looked like this after it, too!

My super cute first cousin once removed, Lauren!

Keller Brothers!

Animal Kingdom for Steve's Birthday!

Treacle Tart!

Tickets for the 12:01 Show!

Erin loves Malfoy, Steve's fist does not.

Yay for friends and Harry Potter!!!

I caught them in mid-jump! Awesome!

That's all for now!


Meagan said...

Is that a birthday button on your hubby's shirt? I remember when you made all of us buttons for our trip to GA to visit Ben and Andrew. I still have and treasure my "Chipper's #1 Fan" button:)

Lindsay said...

Haha. I totally forgot about all that! And yes, it is a birthday button- but I did not make it. You get in free to Disney on your birthday and they give you a button. All the "cast members" greet you by name- Steve counted 25 birthday greetings. It was a trip!

Jill said...

yay a post! i was wondering what you were up to. i forgot about the buttons from our GA trip. i'm sorry about your job and hope you find something soon - but it sounds like you've had plenty to keep you busy! talk to you soon!