Sunday, February 10, 2008

here's that rainy day!

Wedding photos, at long last! Speciall props to our awesome photographer, Andrea VanKirk. She rocks!


The Agarwals said...

They're so fun! You were gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!!! How are you adjusting to married life? Doesn't it rock?!!

Jill said...

wonderful pictures! you had a beautiful wedding!

Carol said...

Great pictures of an awesome doy! May it only be the first of many, many more, Mom Carol

Anonymous said...

Hey... it's Jennifer from Quality Quickprint in DeLand. These pictures are amazing!! I have seen alot of wedding pics, but these are the most amazing pics ever!!!
I'm so happy for you!
Jennifer White
Quality Quickprint

TLC said...

Where is the one of me touching you inappropriately?!?! I want to see THAT one!! ;)

P.S. Actually, these are stunning... so great!!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Yeah!! Great pics!!! How fun!!! I LOVE that big group pic! So cute! Those are great pics :)