Friday, December 7, 2007

happy holidays!

Well, it's that time.... Chrsitmas! Things have been hectic in the music world with Christmas music programs here, there and everywhere. But, admist the rehearsals, I have had some time to just enjoy the season.

This is the Jacksonville Children's Chorus Training Choir (that I direct) right after our holiday concert last Monday. The kids did well and were understandably hyped-up after that!

Susanne, my co-teacher, put on a Christmas musical with the 2nd and 3rd graders. It was soo cute, and a lot of people were there... all the students, faculty, parents... and of course these folks: (Mary and Joseph!)

Then, my 5th and 6th graders led our holiday chapel service and provided all the music and scripture readings. 5th grade played recorder, 6th played guitar, and they all helped out with various percussion, singing, and Orff intrsutment parts. They did very well and I was very proud of their hard work.

The other night I went for a long walk/run with Bella in our neighborhood. I wisely took along the camera, and I was sooo glad I did because the night and the lights were so pretty! Here's a cool shot of Downtown Jacksonville looking up the river. It was such a clear night, this picture barely captures how pretty it was!

Here's a classic River City Christmas tree for ya!

And another one lighting up the pretty Oak trees!

This is a very cool dove made of Christmas lights that is suspended from a tree. It hangs right over the street and it is big!

And of course, Have a Happy Florida Christmas!

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