Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Don't Stop

(That's what I keep telling myself when I own up to my blog negligence)
And now, I've got the song stuck in my head..
Don't. Stop.
...thinking about tomorrow!
And of course, that applies to this post as well, because a lot of things are on the horizon!

First off, we celebrated Stephen's 29th birthday on July 13th with some friends at a Thai restaurant he likes called Lemon Grass. It was very tasty... and pretty, for that matter.

Here's us... from left to right we have:
Jon Kananen, Jeremy Kaneer, Sherry and Nick Tobin (freshly back from their honeymoon and on their way outta town moving to Washington!) Katie Kananen (lucky Jon's wife,) me and Stephen. This also served as some nice bonding time for the guys who have (due to marriage and moving) recently lost their status as roommates .

Stephen and I FINALLY found a place to get married! Whoopie! After much searching, we found this place, Riverpoint Park in Daytona Beach. It's just perfect and I am very relieved we can stop looking and start planning! Just imagine chairs set up facing the water and with an aisle in the middle.

AND we have also found a place to live!!! This is another big relief to me, as I will be moving in here mid-August. Then we'll have a nice long while to get everything fixed up and ready to go for when Stephen joins the party in January. This is a picture of our cute little place in historic Avondale (an area of Jacksonville on the river). We are really looking forward to moving and getting settled!

I was driving around downtown Jax a week or two ago, and I found this awesome tree. It's called the Treaty Oak and it's a Southern Live Oak Tree. They say it is over two hundred years old... and it's cool because most of the big limbs rest on the ground, they are so big! You could make a tree-mansion out of this place!

Anyone from Orlando will recognize this place... it used to be a Sports shop for Orlando Magic Memorabilia. And I guess they have new plans for it... to be used as a airplane hangar or something... no, I don't know what they're doing with it, but it always stuck out in downtown and no one really likes the Magic anymore... so hopefully it can rest in peace.

This past weekend, we went down to Tampa for Stephen's last former roommate's wedding. The apartment-mates were Jon (married June 30), Nick (married July4), and James (married July 29)! Whew! That's a lot of weddings. And next (and well, last) of the roommates to be married is...

Here is the new couple: Mr. and Mrs. James McCafferty! Lucky Liz- following the ceremony, James whisked her away to Hawaii!

And since I never posted pictures from Jon and Katie's wedding... Here are the Kananens:

So, everyone keeps asking me how the wedding planning is going... and well, it's going. At times it is fun and exciting and at times it is overwhelming and aggravating... And most of you who know me well know I'm not really a bridezilla-type girl. But, at the end of the day, it's worth it because I have this to keep me company:
(sorry, but I can't help but brag on how cute he is!!!)

While we were down near Tampa for the wedding, we stayed with my awesome former roommate, Casie and her very cute dog, Lucy. Lucy was extremely excited to have visitors and she seemed to like keeping Stephen company every chance she could get! Good thing I'm not very jealous...! Hahahaha.

And here's a little memento from our travels this past weekend. Just remember, you'e welcome.
Aw, dang it...

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SouthAsiaRocks said...

Cool post :) I LOVE that awesome huge Live Oak!! That's so awesome!!!!
Your new place is awesome - you'll have to post more pics of it :) Great pics, that was fun!! Congrats on finding a wedding spot too - whoo hoo!