Thursday, June 14, 2007

Memphis, Tennessee

Now, I am sitting in my hotel room in Memphis (here for work) and really... there are just too many good songs with Memphis in the title.
There's the one above (Help me operator, get in touch with my Marie. She's the only one who'd call me here from Memphis, TN...)
There's "Walking in Memphis"
And then there's "Maybe it was Memhpis"
Goodness, they just keep coming.
Post your favorite Memphis-related songs if you can think of any more...

And to start, I will post a picture NOT from Memphis. This bird was hanging out in the pond behind our office. I named it pinkie. I spent some time looking, and finally found it is a Roseate Spoonbill. It was crazy!

Before I left for Memphis... actually, come to think of it, this was while I was on the way to Jacksonville for the weekend right before I left... anyways, it was pretty stormy towards the end of the week. But the clouds were cool.

It's always cool when you can actually see it raining from far away. Ah, Florida summers...

NOW... on to Memphis. So, on my first day here, I was out and about walking through the downtown area (where I am staying) and I happened into the Peabody Hotel. AND I happened into it a little after 4... AND then after spending some nice time talking on the phone in the beautiful lobby, all the hoopla started to see the famous ducks parade through the lobby, into the elevator, and up to their duck palace on the roof. This is a cool picture of them at home in the fountain. Then my camera died. Boo.

My camera came back to life a few hours later on my walk home. Just enough to capture this great sunset over the mighty mississippi, so at least that's something.

Beale Street. Home of the blues and great BBQ. It's more of a hang out place though... and since I am here alone on business, I just took a self-guided walking tour and went back to my hotel.

This is BB King's place. I bet it's cool. The sign is cool. However, nowadays BB King makes me think of that diabetes commercial he did. Strange...

Okay friends! Well, I head back home tomorrow... so yay for that! Stephen is coming to get me at the airport and then we are off for a fun weekend with my roommate and his brother in Lakeland- we are going deep-sea fishing with Casie's dad. Stay tuned for pictures! I'm sure it will be an adventure!

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