Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Jehovah Jireh, my Provider (Ode to Amanda)

well folks, here I am down in South Beach (Miami)... and before I get started with my usual silliness, I must pay tribute to the person who has made this blog possible. And to think, I hadn't even met her an hour ago. But, let me start at the beginning...

So, I drove my workmate (Bethany), an associate (Kate), and myself from Lakeland to here today. And I must say, this day has seemed to be the pinnacle of my recent trend towards airheadedness. I really don't know what's come over me lately, although I have an idea. Anyways, after a very illogical route out of town, turning around because I thought we had missed our turn- only to have to re-turn around when it was discovered we hadn't, and then freaking everyone out by thinking I had left my company credit card in Ruby Tuesdays, I was feeling glad to be in this very romantic and idyllic place with everything seemly in order for tomorrow. After dinner I had come back to my room to download my pictures and blog away, when I realized that my computer was nearly out of battery and I had left my power cord (presumably) in my office at work. Now, the thought of this made me very sad. So I walked down to the garage where my car is very expensively boarded for the evening and asked the valet to bring it back so I could look for my power cord. Not there. So then I asked the valet where to go to try and buy another one. He tells me Lincoln street and that the stores should still be open (although it is 10:30). Somehow, this does not seem strange here. I hop in my car and drive down to Lincoln only to find many stores open, but not the ones that sell electronics. At this point I am getting very sad and mad at myself. I drive around a little more hoping to find one shining beacon of electronics-selling glory. Then I see radio shak- lit up like the sun. Hooray, I think! I begin to frantically look for a place to park my car and finally find one around the block. I proceed to walk down to radio shak (and sometimes run). Not open. Stupid tease. I am even more sad/mad. boo. Then I decide to walk a little further in that same direction. Just to walk, I guess, because at this point it doesn't look like I'll be spending any time on my computer tonight. I am walking and feeling frumpy from my long drive and gross next to the fabulousness of everyone passing me. I pass 3 girls talking about dancing. About 10 steps past them I realize that one of them was my friend Stephanie Zungre from NYC. I hear her voice. I turn around. Stare. Commence walking after them. Listening, trying to see her face to be sure. Then I see her purse and remember it from the city. Stephanie? I meekly call. OH. MY. GOSH! she says. And it's her. And we talk. And I actually had met one of the other 2 girls before on my first night in NYC- we talked about Uganda that night! weird. So they ask me what I'm doing. I tell them about the cord disaster and lo, and behold, the other girl (AMANDA!!!) says a little while later: I have a Toshiba. Do you just need to borrow it and charge your battery? Yes, says I. So, sweet, ballet-girl Amanda, who I literally just met in the street offers to hop in my car and have me drop her at her apartment so she can loan me her charger. I will take it back tomorrow morning. After we exchange cell numbers, she reaches to shut the door and says "God bless you". As I now sit happily at my trusty computer, at least for this night anyway, it is very easy to see how He sooo HAS. Goodnight all! Photos are coming soon!


TLC said...

CRAZY!!! I though Steph was in DC. That is nuts.

Well, congrats to you on your successful venture... Sometimes it doesn't seem like anything is going our way, and then God pops His head around the corner and yells, "Boo!" It's awesome. :)

P.S. As far as I know, "Ode to Amanda" is not a song.

Lindsay said...

yes, but it is and ODE. so it's a song. there are no rules so far about songs i myself make up. :)
gosh, TLC! i love you and miss you and can't wait to talk to you... i have so much to tell you! :)